Evaluate Vendor Response

Switch to an easier, faster way to evaluate your suppliers. Use data to choose the best-value vendors with RFPflow.

Collect vendor responses on time with automated email alerts.

Send email reminders to your vendors when you're approaching your RFx response milestone.

Answer supplier questions, extend deadlines and communicate with all involved parties without ever leaving the platform.

Extract RFx responses from your email attachments and organize them within RFPflow.

Don't worry about collecting and consolidating responses over Outlook, Word, and Excel.

Let RFPflow deconstruct responses from attachments. See answers to each question separately, in a clean, readable format in RFPflow.

Notify all evaluators as soon as you receive supplier responses and start scoring answers.

RFPflow triggers the next stage of the workflow as soon as responses come in and notifies the evaluator to take action.

Score responses with just a click and see every supplier's rating on review sites to get a complete picture of their performance.

Shortlist top suppliers and award bid to best-value vendor.

Make data-driven decisions when selecting suppliers—see the top-scoring suppliers and award the bid to the right one.

Auto-send email to the supplier informing them about winning the bid.

Compare vendor responses side-by-side and reconcile scores automatically.

View multiple suppliers' answers to a question side-by-side and score them accordingly.

Ditch the calculator and complex Excel sheets. Let RFPflow calculate the aggregate of all evaluator scores automatically, based on your pre-set weightage.

Launch contract for selected vendor from RFPflow and avoid the needless back and forth.

Shorten your sourcing cycles. Start building a contract with Contractflow as soon as a bid is awarded in RFPflow.

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