Contract intake

Easily request, approve, and prioritize contract requests with ContractFlow.

Centralize contract requests, make it easy for anyone to submit and approve requests and speed up your contract cycles.

Create and customize request forms with our drag-and-drop builder.

Don't worry about code every time you need to configure a request form or create a new one. Simply choose from a library of form fields and drag-and-drop the ones you need!

Let anyone in the organization submit a contract request with ease

Allow every employee to submit a contract request by filling a form with a few clicks. Stop scanning through multiple inboxes to find requests. Centralize all your requests on one platform.

Standardize your request submission requirements and reduce your approval time.

Cut out the unnecessary back and forth. Let your employees fill out all required fields of information before they submit their requests, and assess the need thoroughly before you sign your approval.

Prioritize contract requests by contract type, value and risk and route them to the right approvers.

View the details of every request at a glance and prioritize the important ones. Let the system route requests to the procurement or legal team and automate reminders so that your approvals take place without delay.

Import your existing and third-party contracts onto one cloud-based platform.

Migrate all your active contracts to Contractflow and view them in one single dashboard. Filter them by type, vendor, and more for easy accessibility.

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See How Aavenir Contractflow works for your Contracts.

Learn how Contractflow can help you eliminate manual processes, get more transparency and accelerate contract turnaround.