Accounts Payable Automation Solution

With Aavenir’s smart Accounts Payable Automation Software, automate manual tasks, minimize paperwork, eliminate errors and be more productive.


Optimize & Automate your Accounts Payable Operations

Accounts Payable (AP) automation can be the first step towards digital transformation of your organization. Bring everything on a single platform and eliminate inefficiency related to human intervention and paperwork. AP automation can promise:

Improved Working Capital Management

Time your payments effectively to take benefit of early-payment discounts and manage cash flow.

Higher Levels of Transparency

Give everyone, including suppliers, the power to track payment and invoice status.


Touch-less Invoice Processing

Free up resources from the task to associate invoices with the right expense account with touch-less processing.

Aavenir Accounts Payable Automation Software Capabilities

Built on the industry-leading ServiceNow platform, Aavenir Invoice Processing solution offers a unique ‘zero-touch’ invoice processing solution. Just ask your vendor to send you an invoice over email and then let Aavenir solution take it over!


Invoice Data Extraction

Intelligently extracts, categorize, ingest data with high accuracy from any invoice formats (PDF, EDI, XML, paper, etc.) received from any channel like e-procurement systems, email, scanner, or mobile-app.


2-Way/3-Way Validation

Matches the invoices information against purchase orders (POs), Goods Receiving Notes (GRNs), and contracts based on the match configuration setup to ensure accuracy of data being ingested on a ServiceNow.


Invoice Processing Workflow

Execute on-time payments using Aavenir Account Payable workflow powered by ServiceNow with rules-driven approvals, complete audit logs and alerts to eliminate inefficient follow-up calls or emails.

Reduce 80% of Invoice Processing
Expenditure with AP Automation by Aavenir

Paperless processing and transparent information sharing mechanism reduces the need for a large number of resources, thus reducing processing costs. Here are all the areas where you can save big by implementing Aavenir’s smart solution:


Lower Staffing Costs

62% share in total invoice processing cost

Avail Early Payment Discounts

50% early-bird discounts are never availed due to lack of information and timely payment execution


Aavenir Account Payable Automation Solution on ‘ServiceNow’ App Store

ServiceNow is a the world’s most innovative single platform-focused company that serves more than 5,000 customers, including almost 75% of the Fortune 500, and empower anyone to automate, extend, and build digital workflow apps across the enterprise on a single, unified platform.

Aavenir Account Payable Automation software is available to install from ServiceNow App Store to enhance productivity for finance and accounts payable operations across enterprise.

Witness the Power of Machine Learning with Aavenir

Our Intelligent AP automation solution harness the power of Machine Learning and Nature Language Processing to provide a truly touch-less experience. Our multi-layered backend powered by ServiceNOW framework promises accurate invoice data extraction and 2-way/3-way matching for faster invoice processing.

  • Touch-less invoice processing without manual intervention
  • Smart invoice deconstruction, irrespective of digital or paper format using Machine Learning
  • 2-way/3-way matching powered by Natural Language Processing
  • Truly paper-less invoice processing and information sharing across and beyond organization
  • Faster error rectification with real-time suggestions, in case of invoicing discrepancies

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