Your accounts payable team is wasting 24% of their workdays on manual invoice processing.
Make your AP teams strategic. Capture invoices efficiently, build smart invoice workflows and automate 2-way/3-way validation with Aavenir Invoiceflow.

Manually managing thousands of invoices across multiple mailboxes and regions is a painful task.

Your accounts payable teams are wasting time opening emails individually, reading through invoices manually, and coding information into ERPs, ledgers, and excel sheets.
Your manual AP processes are slow. Inefficient. Time-consuming.
Your procurement and AP teams are working in silos
You're straining your vendor relationships due to delayed payments
You're missing invoices and making double payments

Here's what manual AP processes are really costing you

Only 19%

Of early pay discounts are captured due to low visibility.

Up to 41%

Invoices are exceptions because of errors in data entry.


Invoice approvals take too long due to complex invoice matching.
It doesn't have to be this way.

Get control over your invoices. Make your Accounts Payable strategic and improve cashflow with faster processing.

Better Supplier Relationships
No lost invoices
No inefficient approval processes

Here's how Invoiceflow uses out-of-the-box AI to transform your AP processes.

Submit Invoices
Let your suppliers send your PO/non-PO invoices via email in PDF or image formats.
Extract with AI
Let Invoiceflow extract meaningful data from your invoices with the help of smart AI.
Auto validate
Automate 2-way/3-way matching, flag exceptions, and trigger custom workflows.
Send out invoices for approvals and payment from within the system easily.
Capture and Store

Capture & store all your invoices in a centralized searchable repository automatically.

Capture all invoices automatically

Capture all Non-PO and PO invoices from email inboxes, mobile apps, scanners, e-procurement systems, etc. automatically.

Work with JPEG and PDF invoices

Onboard invoices in any format —PDFs, XMLs, EDIs, images, text—with highest possible accuracy.

Search and find any invoice

Find what you're looking for with lightning speed across your entire AP inbox with a full-text search-engine.

Get automated alerts

Get alerts for duplicate invoices if two invoices look similar.
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AI-enabled Invoice coding

Auto-Extract invoice data with cutting-edge AI and reduce human intervention by 99%.

Automate invoice-coding

Let our built-in AI-engine learn and use your invoice patterns for automated invoice coding and data entry.

Use OCR and NLP to reduce time-to-payment

Reduce errors and shorten your extraction cycles using unstructured invoice data extraction with AI and OCR.

Capture invoice-data with a pre-trained AI

Extract key data at the header and line item level, convert unstructured data into structured formats and get to payments faster.

Get automated alerts

Extract key data at the header and line item level, convert unstructured data into structured formats and get to payments faster.
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Automation validation

Automate 2-way/3-way validation & send more invoices straight-through to payment.

Automated invoice validation

Validate supplier invoices against contracts, goods received documents, quality checks and purchase order data with automated 2-way/3-way matching processes.

Set up validation rules

Let the system process invoices depending on custom matching rules set for invoices based on the bill amount and vendor.

Avoid costly errors with automated audits

Cut down invoice fraud and overpayments without spending huge amounts on invoice auditors.

Auto-post invoices

Direct invoices to approval with zero manual work and highlight any discrepancies with email notifications and alerts.
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Invoice workflow

Build robust workflows to improve collaboration and let your AP team focus on invoice exceptions.

Collaborate better with workflows

Execute on-time payments with a flexible ServiceNow-powered workflow platform.

Set up custom workflows for different invoices

Establish business rules for defining different validations for different vendors, spend categories, risk levels etc.

Pay out invoices on time

Let the system identify the appropriate approver and send the e-invoice to them without relying on inefficient follow-up calls or long emails.

Get notified of all approval requests

Access all the relevant documents such as POs, receipts etc. in one click, right from your invoice screen.

Manage your approvals in one place

Approve vendor invoices in less than 5 seconds and get a complete audit trail.
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Create tolerance thresholds

Set up confidence levels for invoice matching and only intervene manually when the invoice falls beyond the threshold.

Automate email alerts upon exceptions

Get email alerts when exceptions are flagged and reduce time spent correcting and managing invoice exceptions.

Build exception workflows

Set up smart workflows and automate resolution when an exception occurs.

Approve invoices with a single click

Assign invoices to the right stakeholders automatically based on past analysis and validate them with single-click approval.

Maintain an audit trail

Standardize your contracts
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Identify invoice exceptions instantly across your business and spend less time handling them.

Track key KPIs

Track the entire history of your invoice processing for more accurate audits.

Customize your dashboard

View KPIs for invoice processing time, invoice volume, invoice exception rate per supplier, payment terms etc.

View the invoice status and payment dates

Configure the dashboard to fit your needs and get critical information on your working capital, utility costs, and more.

Improve your AP processes

See all your active contracts in one centralized cloud-based repository.

Auto-generate payment requests

See all your pending, approved, and paid invoices and prioritize invoices based on their payment dates.
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Dashboard visibility

Get visibility on your spends across your business units with an intuitive metrics dashboard.

Deep Learning
To reliably identify hidden patterns in your business documents.
Natural Language Processing
To reliably identify information in contract and invoice documents.
Optical Character Recognition
To accurately scan and extract text from images and documents in any format.
Convolutional Neural Networks
To identify key parts of invoices just like humans do.
Cutting-edge ai

We've built and perfected our AI specifically for your invoices.

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Why Aavenir

We've been in the Source-to-Pay industry for 25 years. We understand your problems, and we're here to solve them.

Built on ServiceNow
Built on ServiceNow
We know how complex adopting a new software across the organization is, that's why we've built Aavenir on the ServiceNow enterprise cloud platform.
Cutting-edge AI
Cutting-edge AI
Automation is the future—and we're the ones building it. Our best-in-class AI automates manual tasks for a fraction of the cost and in half the time.
Fully configurable
Fully configurable
We offer countless out-of-the-box configuration options that help you implement the solution to your specific business needs. We're rooting for your success and are always around to help!
Built on 25 years of experience
Built on 25 years of experience
We understand your problems because we’ve been there. We’ve built a solution that’s easy for your whole team to adopt and powerful enough to transform .

Frequently asked questions

Can I migrate my existing invoice data into Invoiceflow?

Yes. Our onboarding team will help you transfer all your existing invoices into Invoiceflow, so you don't have to deal with siloed systems.

How do I integrate my vendor data and POs with Invoiceflow?

The complexity of integrating vendor master and purchase order databases depends on your existing system and quality of data. If you’re using ServiceNow or any system, which has a spoke available on ServiceNow IntegrationHub, we can the integrate them so much faster. 

How long does it take to deploy Invoiceflow?

This depends of the invoice volume and complexity of the business, but usually, 2-3 weeks are enough to get you fully onboarded!

Does the solution sit on our ServiceNow instance or do we need a separate instance?

You do not need a separate instance for Invoiceflow or any of the Aavenir solutions. We're natively built on the ServiceNow platform! For more information, we advise you to reach out to your ServiceNow account executive. OR you may reach out to us at

Can I also create and send out invoices using Invoiceflow?

We've built Invoiceflow help you manage incoming invoices efficiently—and we believe in doing one job, but doing it right. However, we continuously improving our product to match the your need and hope to have this feature in near future.

What kind of licensing do I need to use Invoiceflow?

We advise you to reach out to your ServiceNow account executive and schedule a personalized demo with us to know more.

Can I implement different validation rules for groups of suppliers?

Yes, you can. Our platform gives you complete control over your workflows—you can set up conditions and rules for validation and approvals as you see fit.
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“Reece achieves 40% faster contract turnaround time”

Case Study
“By implementing Aavenir, Reece was able to standardize contract workflow that was formal and robust, but still flexible and user-friendly. We wanted a faster contract turnaround time, and Aavenir didn’t disappoint. I would absolutely recommend Aavenir for all ServiceNow Customers.

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