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Happy New Decade!

A new year ushers in fresh initiatives and new beginnings—and I don’t just mean that for you! I’m also referring to us. Beginning with this, we are pleased to share the first ever edition of ProcurePulse!

ProcurePulse brings together practical advice, resources, and cutting-edge digital technology updates to help you stay competitive and increase cost savings within procurement operations. We look forward to your suggestions and feedback, which will allow us to gather the right information in subsequent editions.

ProcurePulse - January 2020 Highlights:

In 2020, procurement will function as Hybrid Center of Excellence and use digital as customer-Oriented Technology. Saying that, “Key alliances with Suppliers” or “Becoming Digital” will continue to dominate conversations around procurement. ProcurePulse January edition brings together some latest and essential procurement articles for you to walk through. Some of them covers following topics.

  • How CPOs can improve on strategic areas of risk management, sourcing costs, etc. with less budgets to revolutionize procurement ?
  • AI & ML technologies are solving some classical problems in MRO (Maintenance Repairs Operations) in Procurement
  • 10 clauses that can improve CCPA compliance in Vendor Contracts

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