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With the impact of coronavirus on global supply chain operations, February 2020 will come to be remembered as a period of historic disruption. The sourcing leaders have to map the location of suppliers and find an alternate sourcing  or logistics facilities in very short timelines.

Do you believe your organization is all prepared for such controllable and foreseeable uncertainties such as compliance, labor, material, capacity and financial issues. Being better prepared than the competition might even open new opportunities when the next disruption comes around.

Keep reading ProcurePulse to gain some practical insights and discover how leaders like you are optimizing enterprise source-to-pay operations to gain competitive advantage.


ProcurePulse - February 2020 Highlights:

ProcurePulse February edition brings together some latest procurement articles around current happening and some best practices for you to walk through. The magazine covers following topics.

  • How CoronaVirus has impacted supply chains?
  • Tools and tips: what lawyers really think about the state of Legal Tech
  • How to drive supplier performance (SPM) with contract performance management (CPM) ?
  • Strategies for optimizing your accounts payable

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