MARCH 2020

ProcurePulse - March Newsletter

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Adopting a lean and agile mindset enables long-term success in procurement operations. This issue of ProcurePulse focuses on achieving procurement excellence and adopting sustainable supply chains. After WHO declared COVID-19 as pandemic, learn how enterprises should be aware of legal obligations pertaining to COVID-19. Lastly, we have summarized list of major procurement events and possible cancellations of some events due to Coronavirus. 

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ProcurePulse - March 2020 Highlights:

ProcurePulse March edition brings together some latest procurement articles your peers are reading. The magazine covers following topics:

  • How enterprise can achieve procurement excellence in digital age ?
  • Adopting more sustainable supply chain

  • How COVID-19 implicates the commercial and financial contracts
  • Small businesses caught in crosshairs of bankruptcy by large players

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