Contract Review & Negotiation Checklist
for Services Vendor

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Proper vendor contracts protect the company from reputational damage and inadvertently violating laws. Because vendors are an essential part of the procurement team and relationships with them can’t be overlooked, all companies should follow this complete checklist to evaluate vendor contracts on a continuous basis. Answers to the questions in this checklist can also help in negotiating vendor contracts.

Aavenir’s Vendor Contract Review & Negotiation Checklist, if incorporated into your contract drafting and review process, can reduce the number of review cycles, time-to-signature and streamline end-to-end contract workflow. 

An automated contract management system can also help review the important items mentioned in this checklist, gives AI-enabled suggestions, and ensure the right people review the right contracts.

Download Vendor Contract Review Checklist to Find Out:

Aavenir’s team of CLM solution experts have created a Vendor Contract Review and Negotiation Checklist to help you to design your vendor contracts as per standard contract language covering following key points:

  • Contract Structure
  • Vendor Services
  • Service Levels Agreements
  • Reporting
  • Contract Breach & Termination
  • Choice of Law
  • Notice Requirements
  • Compensation and Fees
  • Confidentiality & Trademarks
  • Vendor Indemnities
  • Insurance
  • Default Clauses

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Contract Lifecycle Management Solution

Our Contract Lifecycle Management solution is capable of managing complete contract lifecycle on the revolutionary ServiceNOW platform.