ProcurePulse February 2021

ProcurePulse February 2021 edition explores some useful articles published on leading websites in the past few weeks in the Source-to-pay domain, including Aavenir: Monthly Roundup.

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    ProcurePulse February 2021

    Ideas and Resources to Reshape The Future of Procurements

    The early weeks of 2021 reveal a continuation of 2020’s trends. Lockdowns and consumers staying home put e-commerce into overdrive, and the momentum shows no signs of slowing. A step-change in consumer behavior will inevitably spiral through the supply chain, and procurement is no exception.

    Forward-thinking CPOs have already moved past the bottom line and “saw that only focusing on cost is definitely not sufficient. They need to step up even more in a strategic position to really support the business growth from a revenue perspective. The question is, how? Will procurement leaders’ roles take on new significance?

    The stories below offer a look ahead at procurement and sourcing in 2021 and beyond.

    Sourcing and Procurement

    The Time for Procurement to Lead Value Capture | Mckinsey

    With companies facing more pressure than ever to deliver savings, procurement teams can offer not only short-term relief, but also long-term rewards.

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    3 Win-Win Strategies to Negotiate with Vendors | Aavenir

    Discover how to handle complicated, high-level business negotiations with vendors in this blog. Learn about the Top 3 Strategies to handle negotiations.

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    Mitigating Supply Chain Risks from Cyber Attacks | Aavenir

    How secure is your supply chain? Do you even know what cybersecurity risks your suppliers are creating?

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    Contract Management

    Contract Analytics: Measuring KPIs using Dashboard | Aavenir

    Want to know how modern CLM solutions help the leading contract managers to achieve rising levels of contract KPIs? Learn how Digital Workflow and AI can help.

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    Contract Review Checklist for Services Vendor​ | Aavenir

    Leverage this checklist to get immediate visibility into the services vendor contract. management risk exposure as per key components of enterprise-class supplier risk assessment programs.

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    Third-Party Risk Management | Gartner

    Identify and monitor the risks throughout third-party relationships. Leading organizations are moving from a point-in-time approach to one that is iterative.

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    Invoice and Payments

    The AP Metrics that Matter in 2021 | Ardent Partners

    In today’s competitive business environment, having access to accurate and real-time metrics can be a game-changer. Check out this annual eBook, “Ardent Partners’ AP Metrics that Matter in 2021”

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    How can AP automation help SMEs survive? | Finextra

    For finance teams, the move away from physical workplaces highlighted the impracticality of continuing with manual accounts payable for SMEs. Read how SMEs think more strategically about their long-term work processes.

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    Events & Webinars

    Spend Matters: Future of Procurement – Aligning with Enterprise IT Strategy


    IOFM: 4 Steps to Transform Accounts Payable


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