ProcurePulse April 2021

ProcurePulse April 2021 edition explores some useful articles published on leading websites in the past few weeks in the Source-to-pay domain, including Aavenir: Monthly Roundup.

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    ProcurePulse April 2021

    Driving procurement agility with automation and workflow technologies

    Beyond cost savings, high-performing CPOs need to expand their value propositions to influence demand, drive innovation, and work closely with strategic suppliers and partners, increase speed to market, and drive continuous improvement. Insights from Deloitte’s 2021 Global CPO Survey suggest that building capabilities focused on agility is CPOs’ best bet to meet and exceed them.

    In this newsletter, learn how strong digital capabilities can help procurement organizations improve data visibility and the ability to collaborate with suppliers, enabling greater agility both within these organizations and across the extended supply networks.

    I hope you enjoy reading these articles about procurement technologies. May your company emerge stronger and nimbler from these trying times.

    Sourcing and Procurement

    Global 2021 Chief Procurement Officer Survey | Deloitte

    With changing business dynamics and increasing layers of complexity, expectations of the CPO role have increased. Insights from Deloitte’s 2021 Global CPO Survey suggest that building capabilities focused on agility is CPOs’ best bet to meet and exceed them.

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    Digitize Strategic Sourcing Using RFP Application | Aavenir

    Is there a better way to change the traditional procurement operational approach so that the team can deliver faster RFx-to-award cycle time with effective supplier evaluation criteria? Learn how using RFP Management can help.

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    3 Features to Consider For Your RFP Software | Aavenir

    Now that you know what your sourcing team needs in order to thrive, it’s time to prioritize RFP software features. So, before buying an RFP solution consider these three key feature factors.

    Contract Management

    What are Agile Contracts? | Aavenir

    Not sure about what is agile contracts and their types? Read in-depth regarding agile contracts and how it benefits business.

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    Regulating Contractual Obligations in COVID-19 | Aavenir

    Evaluate why companies must understand contractual risk exposure, including remediation of contractual obligations to provide more robust protection through times of extraordinary circumstances.

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    An Evolutionary Approach to Legal Technology | Artificial Lawyer

    Where is the evolution of legal tech heading? The end of lawyers is certainly not where it is heading, that is for sure.

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    Invoice and Payments

    Managing IT Vendor Invoices on ServiceNow | Aavenir

    Learn how you can manage IT vendor invoices promptly and accurately to maintain good relationships with suppliers.

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    Accounts Payable Software Buyer’s Checklist | Aavenir

    Key questions that organizations should consider when evaluating APA solutions. Make an informed decision based on the factors that matter most to your organization.

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    What is 2-way or 3-way invoice matching? | Aavenir

    Learn what is a 3 way match and 2 way match which helps to save businesses from overspending or paying for an item that they did not receive.

    Events & Webinars

    ServiceNow Knowledge 2021

    Join us Virtually for ServiceNow Knowledge 2021 to explore how enterprises can manage end-to-end contracts using ServiceNow with AI & Digital Workflows.


    Aavenir: Automate Sourcing Using RFx on ServiceNow

    Attend this webinar to learn how you can accelerate sourcing with RFP-to-Award workflow on ServiceNow.


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