ProcurePulse November 2020

The Monthly Procurement Insights and Trends Roundup

During a year when COVID-19, product shortages and supply chain disruptions threatened to diminishes the gains achieved during the economic recovery, It has challenged businesses not only to keep up but also maintain commercial relationships through a period of economic recovery. Most notably, the mass switch to remote working requires large scale technology change to facilitate. When done right, it has the potential to generate significant cost benefits.

This edition explores the next frontier in procurement, contract management and accounts payable processes and how organizations can avoid roadblocks to achieve mission-critical objectives.

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Four Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Supply Chain

Before the pandemic, supply chain resiliency in most industries hadn’t been seriously tested, at least not to the extent that it has recently. With the right technology and data, organizations can build a stronger, more proactive supply chain. Here are four ways technology can help.


When Procurement and Social Responsibility Converge

With a bright spotlight shining on social responsibility right now, procurement departments can play an important role in helping their organizations meet their goals in this area.

Legal Contracts Management

Why CLM implementations fail

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) technology in particular, when done right, has the potential to generate significant cost benefits but, although take-up is increasing, why are successful implementation stories slow? Here are some key behaviours and mindsets you need to embrace.

Accounts Payable

5 Good Negotiation Techniques

Absorb these five lesser-known but similarly effective negotiation topics and techniques that can benefit all professional negotiators and increase their bargaining power.


The next frontier in Asia payments

Five fundamental themes are reshaping Asia’s payments landscape, requiring a swift response—and in some cases, self-reinvention—from players across the value chain.

Vendor Payments

Real-Time Payments Go Beyond The Need For Speed

Is real-time ready for prime time? Banks have been playing catch-up with FinTechs in the bid to bring speed to their processes, especially when it comes to B2B payments. With more than 50 real-time payment systems currently live around the world, geting more adoption by stakeholders is a real concern.

Aavenir : Monthly Roundup

Explore some useful articles published on leading websites in past few weeks.

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