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[Expert Speaks] Why collaboration is the key to contract management success

Collaboration is inherent to the contracting process with multiple stakeholders,including attorneys, outside counsel, accountants and other legal professionals, weighing in escalating requests, and answering questions. The current process is inefficient and reduces productivity. The “collaborative contract management” or CCM solves this problem by taking a disjointed and disorganized process and integrating it into one platform. Aavenir, for example, is among the companies that are leading in this evolving CLM space.

[Interview] AI & ML to deliver future of work for Account Payable and Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions

Jesal Mehta, CEO & Founder of Aavenir, talks with The Silicon Review about “How emerging technologies like machine learning and AI are fuelling innovation in Aavenir Contract Lifecycle Management and Account Payable automation Solutions ?"

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