Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Does your business continuity plan include Contract Management? In light of the current global situation to keep organizations running during COVID-19 pandemic, Aavenir announces Contractflow Essentials package to ensure remote workforce can easily access and actively manage contracts.

Contractflow - Contract Lifecycle Management

What's inside Contractflow Essentials Package? 

Considering a lot of workforce is expected to work remotely for extended period of time, accessing contracts is an essential part of BCP. To help you continue to operate efficiently and enable secure cloud-based access to digital contract management workflows, Aavenir has launched an Essentials package, which offers:

  • All essential features for storing and searching contracts for fixed set of users
  • One-click, easy deployment from ServiceNow app store
  • No annual contract required
  • Complementary configuration of 3 contract types
  • Ownership of the data - just in case if you choose to discontinue usage

Essentials Package

Includes 1 Administrator, 1 Contract Manager, 10 Contract Approvers

Offers the most necessary features and professional support at cost-effective pricing to get started with remote contracting.

  • Contract Repository
  • Contract Status Monitoring
  • Audit Trails
  • Alerts and Notifications
FREE for 120 days
* This plan is available for ServiceNow customers Only

Activate Aavenir Contractflow from the ServiceNow Store!

As an automated, fully cloud-based Aavenir Contractflow, a contract lifecycle management software solution, is built natively on industry-leading digital workflow platform – ServiceNow and available ready to download from the ServiceNow App Store. 

Key Benefits

Ease of Contracts Storage and Search

Powerful Google-like search capabilities gives a fast and secure access to exactly what you need, right when you need it.

Improve Productivity

Fosters collaboration between remote workforce and legal team using single secure platform to author and review contracts. 

Reduce Business Risks

Track all your contracts using a dashboard showing real-time contract status, alerts, and notifications for pending contract signatures or expirations.

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