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Contract Lifecycle Management

Ready to maximize the value of contracts in 2021, but not sure where to start? Effective contract lifecycle management solution can be a source of competitive advantage. Leverage the resources inside this value kit to make the winning business case for modernizing contract management processes in your organization.

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Get access to all our latest resources to prepare your business case for CLM solution adoption. This value kit contains resources like:

Define what you want to achieve.

EBook: The Future of Contract Management with Digital Workflow and AI

Many organizations have become more proactive in applying the next generation of sophisticated Contract Management tools to the massive quantities of contract metadata. This ebook explains how AI-enabled contract management with digital workflow can streamline the CLM process ensuring you never have to worry about prolonged contracts reviews, auto-renewals, missed opportunities, and wasting time searching for contact information and its compliance.
Identify pain points of current CLM process

Checklist: CLM Implementation Readiness Assessment

As the organization grows, in-house legal teams need to improve the speed and efficiency of contract management capabilities. Use this free checklist to find out the pain points of your organization’s current contracting process and assess the organization’s readiness for CLM solution adoption. Answers to the questions in this checklist can help determine the organization’s current contract maturity stage.

Decide a your plan of action for CLM solution adoption

Article: CLM Maturity Model for Successful CLM Software Adoption

Choosing the right problem to solve and aligning that business process with technology is key to unlock technology usefulness in organizations. With the introduction of Artificial intelligence and Digital workflows, contract lifecycle management has evolved from basic to proactive tackling of issues by providing predictive intelligence well into the future. 

Every organization should adopt the Crawl-Walk-Run approach for CLM Journey. Let’s deep-dive further on how organizations can adopt CLM implementation.

ROI calculator that shows the true business value

Calculator: Find out the Business Value of CLM Solution

For all the talk about digitization, technology, and the next generation of contract lifecycle management, a majority of AP departments still face daily manual tasks that drain the time and energy of the team. 

Why Aavenir Contractflow on ServiceNow

Aavenir Contractflow enables enterprises to create and manage enterprise-wide contracts for customers, vendors, employees or any other types of legal contracts. The solution manages the end-to-end contract lifecycle including contract requests, authoring, negotiations, approvals, renewals, amendments, electronic signatures, and status monitoring.

Other Helpful Resources

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