Leverage the digital transformation to simplify sourcing and procurement operations. Aavenir offers flexible and easily configurable Source-to-Pay workflow solutions that provide complete visibility and control over vendor selection, vendor performance, and risks.

  • Accelerate the RFP-to-Award cycle using Aavenir RFPflow 
  • Streamline source-to-contract workflow using Aavenir RFPflow and Contractflow
  • Manage on-time and accurate  vendor payments using Aavenir Invoiceflow



Efficiently create, review, sign and manage procurement and sales contracts using Aavenir’s AI-enabled easily configurable CLM solutions. Stay in control and track all your contracts with a dashboard, audit trails and powerful search capabilities.

  • Manage buy-side and sell-side contracts using Aavenir Contractflow.
  • Comply with vendor or customer obligations using Aavenir Obligationflow.
  • Streamline the source-to-contract process using Aavenir RFPflow and Contractflow


Accounts Payable

Modernize the invoice processing workflow and leverage Aavenir’s unique AI engine to automate invoice data entry, data onboarding, and 3-way matching with purchase orders, contract data, and reciept notes.

  • Reduce costs and improve accuracy of multiple vendor invoice processing.
  • Digitize AP workflow for on-time payment approvals using Aavenir Invoiceflow
  • Match invoice information using Aavenir Invoiceflow, Contractflow, and VRM/ERPs.



Easily deploy any Aavenir source-to-pay application for manage IT vendor RFPs, contracts, and payments and connect with other ServiceNow applications using REST APIs.

  • Manage IT Vendor RFP-to-Award process on Aavenir RFPflow
  • Manage IT contracts lifecycle on ServiceNow using Aavenir Contractflow
  • Centralize Invoice processing for all IT Vendor using Aavenir Invoiceflow